Wednesday, February 16, 2011

AUBurgeddon: NCAA goes to the Bayou, asks questions about Auburn recruiting UPDATE: Thayer Evans says “BOOM!”



At issue in those meetings was Robinson’s recruitment by Auburn, which raised red flags after an investigative piece by Thayer Evans at in early January.

In a private meeting held at Thibodaux high school on Monday, Lorio met with an NCAA investigator and a Thibodaux high school official.

During the meeting Lorio was asked by an NCAA investigator about Auburn’s recruitment of former Thibodaux high school players Trovon Reed and Robinson. More specificially, Lorio was asked about the role Nelson played in the recruitment of both players and the nature of Nelson’s relationship with the Auburn coaching staff.

Thayer Evans is expected to provide an update to his investigative piece later today, but has not responded to email.

Stay tuned, popcorn munchers.


UPDATE: Thayer Evans’ story just hit the wires moments ago.

UPDATE II: Interesting observation from a poster at,  regarding these two passages from Evans’ article:

Before last month’s BCS title game, Taylor told he did not give money or items to Nelson or Robinson.

“It’s illegal to give money,” Taylor said with a laugh. “Greg Robinson got travel money for coming down with him and his family, which is for mileage and they got a check for that. That was it.”

Lorio said the NCAA investigator also asked about him about Nelson’s relationship with Robinson and Reed and the unofficial visits to Auburn on which he drove them. In an interview with last month, Nelson denied he was paid by anyone associated with Auburn for taking Reed and Robinson to their unofficial visits.

Nelson and Robinson both told they made two such visits together.

Taylor all but admits to having a check cut to someone, identifying the “family.” But apparently, Nelson himself took Robinson on the unofficial visits. Hmmm…

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