Wednesday, February 16, 2011

AUBurgeddon: No, Virginia… It’s NOT over after all

JailAubie Kevin Scarbinsky’s column today says there’s no bomb about to drop, but the fact that the state media cartel—aka, and its affiliated newspapers—is even copping to the fact that the NCAA investigation into the recruitment of Cam Newton is NOT over is a major development all by itself.

Gotta be a huge disappointment for the Featured Auburn Columnists struggling to gain their pathetic little sites any smidgeon of credibility.

Writes da scabby one:

Is the NCAA still investigating Newton and Auburn or what?

Low asked Slive that direct question. The commish answered it without putting the issue to bed.

"You're going to have to ask them, but nobody has written me a letter that says it's over," Slive said.

There's a good reason for that. The case is not closed.

According to people with reason to know, the NCAA is still conducting an active investigation into Auburn's recruitment of Newton. There is an enforcement staff official assigned to the case, and that person is turning over every rock to make sure the NCAA doesn't get blindsided down the road.

Auburn fans won't like that information. Some of them won't believe it. They'll be joined in their displeasure or disbelief by fans of other schools who read this nugget: The bomb is not about to drop.

No end to the investigation at the moment doesn't necessarily mean a bad end for Auburn. It simply means the NCAA is doing its job and trying to get it right.

Any serious observer of the NCAA Keystone Kops just LOL’ed.

The NCAA can’t get it right, because their entire approach to enforcement issues is fatally flawed. The only reason they eventually got the Bush-USC case right is because they were forced to by the American legal system. A similar outcome was produced by court and law enforcement action in the infamous Fab Five case at Michigan. There’s a reason for that—the American system of jurisprudence represents order and a fair degree of predictability.  The NCAA model? Not so much.

Exit question: What happens when the NCAA finally gets it, and realizes that the rule of law means each and every case really isn’t that different, after all?

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