Tuesday, February 15, 2011

AUBurgeddon: Blue Tuna Tiger Opens Up

The Bandit Ref, a Yardbarker sports blog, has a fascinating interview with crack internet sleuth Blue Tuna Tiger. It’s a pretty wide ranging and frank discussion about the struggles of sports journalism, the state of college football and the motivation behind his epic As the Plains Burn megathread at Tigerdroppings.com.

Readers who don’t closely follow BTT’s musings might be surprised to learn his motivations. He is a lover not a hater, and his true love is the same as mine—the sport of college football. He wants to know the truth, and he’s old and wise enough to know when he’s not getting it.

Here’s a snippet, but go read the whole interview. Don’t mind the punctuation and grammatical quirks.

BR: What would you want to see come of this situation? What do you think actually will come of it?

BTT: You know, some think I have waged a vendetta with AU. It has absolutely nothing to do with the “Institution;” rather, it is all about the individuals ruining the institution and possibly the SEC – I’m not sure anyone REALLY understands how this will affect college football. When ALL of this washes out, it may not resemble its current appearance in the least. From agents, to greedy conference commissioners, to programs not deserving to participate on a major D-1 level, to the corruption spread throughout. These next 18 months will not be pretty. It’s not just Auburn. Schools in the Big-10, Pac-10, ACC, and Big 12 are also guilty. Some will be shocked at just how many top 25 programs are under the microscope right now. Stomachs will turn.

I don’t know BTT and have only exchanged polite postings at TigerDroppings.com and Tidefans.com. In fact, I’m mildly jealous that Bandit Ref got the “interview scoop.”

Great job, guys.

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CDK said...

Thanks for posting this. Those of us who keep up with him have vivid imaginations about what he does for a living and what he's like.

Bandit said...

Thanks for the link! I would love to link you in the friends section of our blog if you're up to it!


David L. said...

Cool! Already added y'all to the Reading Room.

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