Thursday, January 27, 2011

GREAT NEWS: Radical Muslim Imam caught sneaking across US-Mex border

image I suppose it is great news that US Customs and Border Patrol agents nabbed Said Jaziri before he could peddle his radical Islamic views (or worse) on US soil. But the troubling aspect of this incident is the answer to the question: How many more would-be terrorists have made the trip successfully?

Jaziri isn’t just a poor, persecuted refugee from the middle east. He is an avowed Sharia Law advocate and was known for his outspoken radicalism before Canadian authorities deported him to his native Tunisia.

From the LA Times:

In Quebec’s large Muslim community, Jaziri stood out for his outspoken views, and though his mosque was small, he drew outsized media attention for his strict interpretation of the Koran. Jaziri labeled homosexuality a sin and pushed for government subsidies to build a large mosque for Montreal’s growing Muslim population.

“His nickname in Quebec was the controversial imam,” said Lise Garon, a professor of communications at Laval University in Quebec City, adding that his case tapped into the anti-immigrant mood in the community. “I think he was deported because people hated his ideas.”

Let me take another stab at that, Dr. Garon. He was deported because Canadian authorities were legitimately concerned that his radical ideas would be put into action by a small, rabid group of followers.  That they found a legal reason to kick him out is just gravy on the plate.

Jaziri is not just your garden variety jihadi. He’s an Imam, whose teachings are to be taken as the word of Allah by his followers.  If he tells 60 or so impressionable young Mohammed Atta’s to hijack aircraft or blow up Times Square, they’re supposed to go do it.




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