Tuesday, January 25, 2011

BingoGate: Court GRANTS McGregor’s request to remove electronic monitoring device UPDATED: False alarm

UncleMilty My sincerest apologies to readers of I Bleed Crimson Red.

Earlier in this space, I reported that the Court had granted McGregor’s request to remove the electronic monitoring device.

That report was in error. Today’s ruling affects Ronald Gilley, not Milton McGregor. I got the document numbers mixed up didn’t realize my error until the blog had been updated.

I regret the SNAFU and will do a better job of Reading for Comprehension.

For the time being, McGregor remains under electronic monitoring and is confined to his residence. Should the Court grant or deny his request to remove the device, I will carefully examine the record and make sure I get it right, next time.




Click Here for The Wall Street Journal Bloomberg Businessweek


Anonymous said...

Hah, hah you dumb bammer! That'll teach you to get you panties in a wad and run with the story before you even know it's true!


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