Monday, November 29, 2010

Liberals to propose paths to a lower deficit: What could possibly go wrong?

Via the New York Times. Liberal groups have their own ideas about how to reduce the deficit.

Great idea, right?

WASHINGTON — As President Obama’s fiscal commission faces a deadline this week for agreement on a plan to shrink the mounting national debt, liberal organizations will unveil debt-reduction proposals of their own in the next two days, seeking to sway the debate in favor of fewer reductions in domestic spending, more cuts in the military and higher taxes for the wealthy.

The proposals from two sets of liberal advocacy groups highlight the deep ideological divides surrounding efforts to deal with the nation’s budgetary imbalances, even as Mr. Obama’s bipartisan commission works to finalize its recommendations by Wednesday — and struggles for a formula that would get the backing of at least 14 of its 18 members, the threshold for sending its proposal to Congress for a vote.

image Oh, the metaphors.

You have a convicted felon whose only real passion is stealing cars.  So, let’s have him come up with new and innovative ways of obtaining a nice new ride.

You have a known Ponzi scheme conspiracist whose only real passion is bilking elderly investors. So, let’s have him come up with new and innovative ways of protecting senior citizens from fraudsters.

You have a mortgage banker known for constructing complicated derivative securities that take down banks and paralyze financial markets. So, let’s have her come up with ways of protecting markets from meltdowns.

Let alcoholics decide who gets booze and spoiled fat children decide who gets the candy.

Seriously entertaining any ideas about deficit reduction from liberals is like seriously entertaining retirement planning suggestions from Dr. Kevorkian. Nothing good will come of it.

Fortunately, we have a solid conservative majority in the House of Representatives, who will likely be joined by an ever dwindling group of Blue Dogs to quash any such notions.  Had this been floated in November 2009, we would be horrified.


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