Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Tua Tagovailoa is considering a return for 2020

In an interview with the Don of Tide Sports Media, Tua Tagovailoa says he hasn't ruled out a return to the Capstone for his senior year.
“Whatever God puts in my heart and my parents’ hearts, that will be the right thing.”

Tagovailoa, who suffered a hip dislocation in Alabama’s Nov. 16 game at Mississippi State and had hip surgery two days later in Houston, is finishing the semester at Alabama and will take final exams next week.

As far as his decision, Tagovailoa said he was looking “at both sides of the spectrum.”

“There is a risk and a reward if I stay and a risk and a reward if I go,” Tagovailoa said.
I don't know about other Bama fans, but regardless of where he plays next season, I will hold my breath every time he takes a snap. He's the kind of football player that Brett Favre, Kenny Stabler and Joe Namath were. They put finishing the play first and didn't care how the dice rolled on whether he survived it or not. Sometimes the play ended spectacularly, but sometimes it ended with us all gasping in sudden fear.

Go ahead, Bama fans. Tell Tua what he should do, and tell us why your counsel makes sense. Heh...

College football is big business whether we like it or not. With big business comes big risk.

He talks about money as part of his decision making, and that's ok. There's nothing wrong with squeezing every nickel out of your abilities and there's nothing wrong with the timing of his departure coming down to a business decision.

When Tua is healthy and all cylinders are firing, he is absolutely unstoppable. He sees plays unfold before the ball is even snapped and has finished games with more TD passes than incompletions. He's a rare phenomenon and we're blessed to have had him on our side.

The Crimson Tide returns a lot of talent next season. The 2019 team was deep and talented, but also very young. Great things are possible in 2020 whether he returns for his final tour or takes his God-given talent to the NFL.

Wherever he goes, may he take God's grace with him.


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