Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Feckless liberal trollop rings wrong bell

How many times have you heard the old saw: "You can't unring the bell?"

Professor Pamela Karlan was testifying in today's impeachment circus before the House Judiciary Committee, when she dropped this obviously planned, obviously rehearsed and obviously staged response to a question from Sheila Jackson Lee:

Wasn't that cute and witty? The peanut gallery thought so, but ...

Representative Matt Gaetz, Republican from Pensacola and in Mornin' Joe Scarborough's old seat:

Professor Karlan later offered a conditional apology after being scolded by Gaetz and also after being made aware by her handlers that her little witticism was playing out as well as an Anthony Weiner SMS photo.

But it was too late. You can't unring the bell and this liberal strumpet rang the wrong one. You just don't use minor children as foils against their parents. The Bush daughters were off limits. The Obama daughters were off limits. Therefore, Barron is off limits.

This episode is a perfect metaphor for the unmitigated hatred borne by the professional left for anything related to President Donald Trump. This hatred drives them to extremes and gives way to dehumanizing and objectifying the targets of their vitriol.

These are not rational people, y'all.

There is something else these folks still don't realize. Donald Trump doesn't sit still after stuff like this. He is not George W. Bush, John McCain or Mitt Romney. He retaliates in kind so if you go low, he goes lower. He's going to carefully craft his payback and he's going to make the left look like idiots. Again.

Probably in front of cheering crowds in the midwest battleground states they call flyover country.


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