Friday, November 22, 2019

When will Democrats give up on impeaching the President?

We thought the closed door, classified depositions were a bad idea. After two weeks of open public 'testimony,' we now see exactly why Democrats wanted to do all this in secret. If this impeachment inquiry had been a circus, half the town wouldn't pay to see it and the curious half that did pay for it would demand a refund. To compare the Democrats' display of high crimes and misdemeanor evidence to a clown show would offend real clowns and trigger Pennywise into a national killing spree.

The question now is, when do the Democrats admit defeat, pull up the stakes and take the circus tents home?

Not one of the Democrats' witnesses offered a shred of evidence that President Trump corruptly withheld aid to a foreign government in exchange for that government doing something that they could have done, would have done or should have done anyway.

Not one witness claimed that President Trump himself made it clear to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy that unless he publicly began investigating corruption Trump wanted uncovered, $400 million in U.S. military aid was being withheld.

Not one witness claimed that President Trump acted outside of the plenary power of Article II of the United States Constitution, which grants sole authority to conduct foreign policy to the President. Not Congress. Not the Judiciary. Not the Foreign Service that serves at the arbitrary discretion of the President.

What almost every one of the Democrats' witnesses did was convince us that there is an entrenched bureaucracy in Washington DC. There is indeed a Deep State. This bureaucracy has convinced itself and the press that they, not the President, formulate and execute U.S. policy. They believe that when the President goes 'off the reservation' and tries to circumvent their desires and beliefs, it is their duty to block or impede the President. This is the arrogance of insulation. They see themselves as indispensable and believe that this country cannot succeed without them.

President Trump was elected to rid our country of these well-groomed, well-connected and well-paid elites. Every one of them should be fired. Today. Not one of them should be allowed to return to their offices on December 1 except to clear out their belongings, turn in their badges, CAC cards and government smartphones and vacate the premises.

If Democrats had any sense (LOL.. IK,R?) they would quit now. Instead of voting on Articles of Impeachment, they should introduce a House Resolution censuring the President for whatever 'violation' they can cook up that might pass the lower chamber along partisan lines. It's their only hope of escaping this political disaster.

They'd better hurry. Independents are deserting this fiasco like viewers fleeing CNN and MSNBC. When the allegedly 'biased' Fox News beats even broadcast TV networks in instant ratings, the gig is up, y'all. Americans are also tuning out of Democrats' pony show of Presidential debates. And now, Republicans are raising money hand over fist due directly to the impeachment circus.

Whether Nancy Pelosi decides to censure or impeach, there is no escaping judgment on November 3, 2020. Barring an act of Providence, Donald Trump's reelection is a cinch. The only uncertainty is whether his coattails give him a simple majority or veto-proof domination.

I would prefer the latter because that might be the only way to truly drain the swamp. Democrats can deny us that satisfaction by giving up. They won't though, will they?