Saturday, November 23, 2019

Lefty protesters storm the field at halftime during #TheGame between Harvard and Yale

The 136th installment of The Game was interrupted Saturday when protesters stormed the field at halftime. The protest was staged by environmental wackos who really, really want Yale and Harvard to DO SOMETHING! about the weather.
Students from both schools occupied midfield after the Yale band had finished performing. Some held banners asking their colleges to act on climate change and Puerto Rican debt relief.

“Hey hey, ho ho, fossil fuels have got to go,” some protesters chanted.

After a few minutes, hundreds more people stream onto the field. A public address announcement asked them to leave “as a courtesy to the players.”

“As a courtesy to both teams, the game must resume.”

Oh, and cancelling Puerto Rican debt.

Of course, the only people who think this was a smart move are the folks for whom a college football game is just a distraction from far more important issues, like changing the weather and running interference while corrupt socialists pilfer disaster relief funds.

If these yahoos were 'brave' enough to try a stunt like this during the Iron Bowl or the SEC Championship Game on December 7, all hell would break loose. The few hundred 'brave' protesters would be followed by several thousand SEC fans, who would absolutely succeed in removing the pests from the field. The game must go on and no pantywaist protesters will stop it. We might laugh at a streaker. We might hurt more than feelings if the protesters' disrupt longer than a media timeout.

The difference in treatment of Saturday's protesters and the would-be 'brave' SEC protesters is why Antifa gets away with their crap in places like California and Connecticut, and why they'd never even try it in SEC Country. In Connecticut, Antifa is just a 'political protest movement.' In this part of the world, it's a terrorist organization.


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