Thursday, November 28, 2019

Palate Cleanser: Interstellar object to enter our solar system, come close to Earth

A big object from another star system has been making its way towards our little corner of the Milky Way. It's been on its way since before we were even here. So... Why are we just learning about this now? And why did we have to wait for a British tabloid to alert us when NASA has known about it since August?

A MYSTERIOUS object hurtling towards our Solar System from deep space has been photographed by scientists. ...

Discovered in August, Borisov has travelled at least 7trillion miles to get here and will make its close approach with Earth next month.

Experts captured a closeup of the object on Sunday using a telescope at the Keck Observatory in Hawaii.

The image, taken by Yale University scientists, showed the comet surrounded by a bright white glow. ...

Made up of ice and other debris crumbling from Borisov's main body, the ghostly tail stretches a staggering 100,000 miles long.

That makes it longer than 12 Earths stacked side by side behind the comet.

"It's humbling to realise how small Earth is next to this visitor from another solar system," said Yale scientist Dr Pieter van Dokkum.
Maybe all this impeachment nonsense is just a false flag operation. It's meant to distract us from what could be the end of everything. A dozen Earths stacked side by side is YUUUGE. It is supposed to pass about 190 million miles away, or only about twice the distance between Earth and the Sun.

But what if NASA is off a few compass points on this thing's trajectory. Humans aren't very good at predicting the ultimate path of earthly phenomena. Hurricanes, for example. Those things only have two dimensions to their trajectory. 

Despite numerous attempts to study Borisov, scientists remain clueless as to what it is. Many speculate the distant mass is a comet. ...

According to prominent astronomer Dr Seth Shostak, 76, we can't say for sure Borisov is not an alien probe sent to study our planet.

"We can't rule out that this is an interstellar probe," Dr Shostak, a senior astronomer at the SETI Institute in California, told The Sun in September.

"If we get a closeup look, we may well see it has a metal exterior with portholes and little green faces looking out at us.

"However, I would bet next month's pay cheque this is a comet."
Well... I hope he's right but if he's wrong, next month's payday might never come, so...



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