Saturday, November 2, 2019

Not all fans are happy that Alabama will play ACC opponents in future non-conference games

The Alabama football program has inked deals to play ACC opponents Florida State and Virginia Tech in future years. Alabama agreed to a home-and-home series with the Seminoles for the 2024 and 2025 seasons. The Hokies games aren't set until the 2034 and 2035 seasons.

Not all fans are happy about it.

Bama fans are ok with it, In fact, we're rather tired of the whining from other teams' fans about the Crimson Tide's "weak schedule." We'd like to see Bama play anyone, anywhere. It's not Bama's fault that no one of national consequence wants a high risk game on their schedule.

It's the fans of the other schools that aren't too keen on a Bama home-and-home.


Oct 31st, 10:32 AM

Maybe saban will be retired by then

vtfan 90
Oct 31st, 10:33 AM
Atc4vt said... (original post) Maybe saban will be retired by then
well he would be mid 80's so he probably will be.

Joey is right. During the second half of the 2017 season opener, Alabama's relentless pass rush left FSU without their starting QB and the 'Noles saw a complete breakdown on special teams. Alabama won 24-7 and went on to win the National Championship. Florida State rashly fired Jimbo Fisher during the season, and sent the program into a downward spiral that hasn't yet hit rock bottom.

In the 2013 season opener, Alabama rode three non-offensive touchdowns to a 35-10 victory over the Hokies. The two-time defending national champions finished that season with a disappointing 11-2 record, losing the Iron Bowl and the Sugar Bowl.

To their credit, many of the Hokies' fans welcome the opportunity to play one of college football's titan programs.

So... why doesn't Alabama schedule Clemson? The answer is, Bama has tried to. The last time the teams met during the regular season, Alabama walloped the Tigers 34-10 to open the 2008 season. IBCR has learned that the Alabama Athletics Dept has reached out "more than once" to Clemson since current head coach and Alabama grad Dabo Swinney was hired. Clemson has been "not very keen" on playing two SEC opponents every season (Clemson faces South Carolina every year in their regular season finale).

It's also worth noting that both Clemson and Florida State ended up firing their coaches after disappointing seasons that started with lopsided losses to Bama. Maybe Dabo's onto something...


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