Sunday, August 4, 2019

Five more FACTS, not rumors, about the Mobile River Bridge project SDEIS

Here are another five FACTS about the Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Mobile River Bridge & Bayway project.

  1. The SDEIS fails to recognize and discuss the cumulative impacts of bridge tolling to the economic interdependence of the only two counties that share Mobile Bay. 
  2. The bicycle and pedestrian features of the recommended plan serve no stated purpose or need  in Section 2, add an undocumented sum to project costs, and the SDEIS is silent on how they pay for themselves.
  3. The Traffic & Revenue Study fails to address consumer budget constraints and ability to pay any toll, rendering any estimate of trip value (or toll) useless.
  4.  The proposed project will shift large amounts of commercial and hazardous material traffic onto the toll free route while also forcing those with the least ability to pay tolls to accept greater risk by sharing toll free segments of the route.
  5. The T&R Study is absolutely silent on risk and uncertainty, key factors in the judgment of the ability of the project to perform as expected economically and financially.
The first 5 Facts are here.

These and many other significant issues with this decision document are explained in greater detail here.


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