Saturday, August 3, 2019

FACTS, not rumors, about the Mobile River Bridge project SDEIS

Here are just five FACTS about the Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Mobile River Bridge & Bayway project.

  1. Nowhere in the SDEIS or its appendices and reference documents is there provided a documented statement that this project's economic benefits are equal to or greater than its economic costs.
  2. The Traffic & Revenue Study uses arbitrary inflation rates in its forecasts and uses a different rate for costs than it does revenues.
  3. The document is a wholly new Environmental Impact Statement masquerading as a Supplemental. None of the 2014 alternatives were evaluated using new data, nor were they compared to the 2019 alternatives with tolling and bayway replacement.
  4. Appendix G is half of a risk analysis, speaking only to flood stage vs flood frequency and ignoring flood damage vs flood stage altogether. It therefore does not state expected annual risk for the no build alternative or any of the build alternatives.
  5. There is no detailed cost estimate or schedule provided for the project. This keeps the public, private sector stakeholders, elected officials and public agencies completely in the dark on cost and schedule risk.
These and 14 other significant issues with this decision document are explained in greater detail here.


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