Sunday, July 28, 2019

A winning strategy for Donald Trump and Republicans for 2020

Barring some unforeseen financial calamity, President Donald Trump and Senate Republicans can smash their way into a second term in the White House, help the GOP regain control of the House and maybe pick up a few more seats in the upper chamber.

But first, they have to be willing to walk away from "investigating the investigators" who ran the Mueller Witch Hunt. The American public is sick of that kind of skulduggery and they want their own problems solved.

The biggest problem facing voters right now is immigration reform. The Senate is perfectly poised to take that matter up, and can have a Comprehensive American Immigration Reform bill fast-tracked through the Senate just in time for the national conventions in 2020.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will have to use some strong arm tactics to get a bill through committees. He will almost certainly have to nuke the filibuster (just this once). He will have to twist arms to get some of his own party to buy in.

Republicans will have to swallow giving Dreamers a path to citizenship, and maybe even creating a path for illegals who can show that they've been here since 2008, when the immigration do nothing President Obama started wasting time on reform.

A Republican Senate should have no problem requiring that all border security and asylum reforms be in place and operational before any illegal starts down any path. Security first, y'all.

The objective here is twofold:

  1. Get the President and one House of Congress on record behind a measure that addresses both border security and the issue of what to do with illegals that really have no way back home.
  2. Put the measure in front of Nancy Pelosi's horribly fractured caucus and Democrat Presidential candidates and make them take a stand on comprehensive immigration reform before the 2020 election.
This will make the media dance to a GOP tune for a change. Ronald Reagan did it in 1984 and there's no reason to think a media savvy Donald Trump can't do it in 2020.

Imagine Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, Pocahontas Warren or Bernie Sanders answer why they don't support a plan that helps dreamers, strengthens the border and fixes the asylum mess? Imagine Democrat House and Senate incumbents facing their state or district electorate having opposed the best chance to fix the immigration mess since 2006?

But most important is the binary outcome: We get either comprehensive immigration reform or we get a second term for Trump and likely control of both houses of Congress. Then we can get the package done in time for the 2022 midterms. 

Bonus if the latter comes to pass: Slam dunk nominees for the Supreme Court Justice(s) Trump adds in his second term.


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