Friday, February 7, 2014

World War II, every day

I can’t not share this. I’m a history buff, you see. Despite knowing that I needed a business degree to get ahead in the world, I still followed through with the requirements to also get a degree in History. As a kid, I tagged along with my dad to the local branch of the public library. While he checked out biographies of Kennedy, Onassis and JP Morgan, I checked out stacks of kids’ books on World War II.

EmperorTigerstar has created an animated map showing the world on a daily basis during the conduct of the world’s most devastating conflagration. He used nothing more than ordinary online and library resources, Microsoft Paint and Movie Maker.

Despite these crude tools, the map is remarkable in displaying how the Allied and Axis territories changed during the course of the war.

Use the full screen version to get the best effects.

By the way, he also has an animated map of the US Civil War.


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