Sunday, January 26, 2014

My name is Dave, I’m officially a “Paulistinian” and this is why

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul appeared on Meet the Press Sunday, Jan 26 2014, and the video below shows that this guy is the Republican who GOP’ers need to support. He is plainspoken, tells the truth and speaks in a way that should resonate with conservative, conservative-leaning independents and Democrats who are tired of the foolishness and just want a fresh face and new ideas.

Via RealClearPolitics:

This is the kind of thinking that a center-right republic can rally around. This is a 14:00+ minute segment but frankly, it could have gone on much longer. Paul has spoken frankly and honestly about topics that were not covered in this interview, including the current regime’s “what difference does it make” meltdown.

If you are a conservative who understands how government functions and how it must provide basic services to the American people without busting the budget, this is your guy. If you believe that the USA should provide basic national defense without simultaneously defenestrating key allies, this is your guy. If you believe that members of opposite parties should find areas of common ground and formulate policy based on what you can agree on, this is your guy. On tax policy, he’s Ronald Reagan. On domestic policy, he’s Ronald Reagan. On finding common ground, he’s Ronald Reagan.

Paul is 50. I am 51. Both he and I came of political age when President Reagan presided over one of the greatest rejuvenations of the American spirit in the history of this Republic. So there is no great surprise that his message resonates with me—Reagan’s enthusiasm and optimism resonated with the vast majority of the American people, most of whom still believe that once unleashed, the spirit of this great nation cannot be defeated and will always achieve its highest goals. Paul clearly believes the same thing. So do I, and if you’ve gotten this far you probably believe it, too.

If you are one of those constantly pessimistic liberals who are always looking for someone else to pay, Rand Paul should scare you to death.

Go watch the segment above. Sit through the whole 14+ minutes. It’s worth it.

I pray every night that this guy runs for President. If he does, he’s my guy and this space will go balls to the wall to help get him elected in any way it can.


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