Thursday, January 30, 2014

Badassery: Man fights off shark with knife, stitches his own wounds, then goes to the bar for a beer

How’s this for a palate cleanser during the height of recruiting season, in the midst of a SnowMageddon in the deep south and in the wake of a sleeper of a State of the Union Address? Here’s a story from a fellow in New Zealand, who did the kind of things you’d expect to see on the big screen rather than in real life:

A New Zealand doctor had to use a knife to fight off a shark before swimming to shore, stitching his wounds and rewarding himself with a beer at the local tavern, reported ABC News Tuesday.

The doctor, James Grant, 24, was spear fishing with friends off of South Island, New Zealand Saturday when he felt a tug on his leg.

Grant originally thought it was a friend playing a prank on him before looking down to discover a shark ripping into his leg.

“To be honest it was a bit of an odd reaction. It wasn’t really fear or anything, it was just like: ‘F**** it, I’ve got to try and get this thing off my leg,’” Grant told Radio New Zealand.

He did get the thing off of his leg. He then swam to shore, used a first aid kit from his car and stitched up the lacerations caused by the shark attack.

He and his mates then cleaned their catch and walked to a local pub for a proper pint or two.

Where else can you find a story involving a badass, a shark attack, individual heroism and a trip to a pub to reward oneself for a job well done?


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