Saturday, September 28, 2013

Q&A with the other side: A Rebel blogger’s take on the Ole Miss at Alabama game

Dave Blevan of and I had the opportunity to trade insight on tonight’s matchup between the undefeated Ole Miss Rebels and the undefeated Alabama Crimson Tide. You can catch my take on the game here.

Not surprisingly, Rebel fans are a little nervous, but still confident.

1. How are Ole Miss fans looking at the upcoming game against Alabama? A concern or a win?

To tell you the truth. Ole Miss fans are just happy to be 3-0 right now. This the first time since 1989 this has happened, and the fans are just sucking in the glory. The fans see this game as a nothing to lose situation. If they lose, well it was expected. If they win, then it's the biggest upset of the college football season. 

2. Which player on offense that Alabama fans might not be aware of, will stand out in the game?

It would have to be Evan Engram. Engram is a freshman tight end who really stood out in the game against Texas. It's been a long long time since Ole Miss has had a tight end who really stood out as an impact player. Engram has shown he can catch clutch mid field passes to put the opposing team on edge. 

3. Which player on defense that Alabama fans might not be aware of, will stand out in the game? 

Cody Prewitt was been doing great this season and has really stood out. He could threaten with picks in deep down field passes. 

4. Which Alabama player are you most concerned about?

It's got to be Christian Jones. Like Virginia Tech, we have fallen victim to his great abilities on special teams. Hid speed and ability as a wide receiver are also feared. 

5. Biggest concerned Ole Miss position?

Our concern for the longest has been the secondary. We have given up too many points in the past with this area. Charles Sawyer is out. Players like Trae Elston, are going to have to step it up against the skilled Bama receivers like Jones and Cooper to keep the game close. 

6. What about an injury report? Any key players that will be out for the game?

Denzel Nkemdiche has been out with a knee injury for the past two games. He has been looking good in the past few practices. He could return for the Alabama game. Vince Sanders is expected to return to the Alabama game. Sanders has been out all season with a broken collarbone injury. He was the Rebels 2nd leading receiver in 2012. 

7. Were their concerns after the Texas game?

Well, BYU put up almost 600 yards of rushing against Texas. We put up half of that number against Tecas. So, we know we are half the team BYU is. 

8. Where do you think Ole Miss and Alabama will end up this season?

Alabama is expected to make history this year. Three in a row, would be unbelievable, and very well respected by the rest of the nation. As for Ole Miss, if we finish 9-3 or 8-4, it will unbelievable season for us.  

If you as most Rebel fans, they don't expect us to contend for the West this year. If we somehow upset Alabama, Texas A&M, and LSU, then our mindset might change. But, that happening this year is highly unlikely. Our hope is next year, will be the year we shake things up in the conference.  

9. Do Ole Miss fans feel the Tide will three-peat or do they think this is not the year?

Right now, Ole Miss see us being the team standing Alabama's way. All Alabama has to do now is beat Ole Miss and LSU and it is a given they will the SEC Championship game. 

10. Prediction of the game and final score?

Our writing staff has been picking games weekly for a fun record. Four out five, of our staff picked Ole Miss to beat Bama. That doesn't mean that we expect Ole Miss to go in and pull out two or possession win. It's more like a last second field goal win. 

My prediction is Ole Miss wins with a field goal with less than a minute to play. Final score: Ole Miss 33-30. Andrew Ritter kicked a 52 yard field goal in the Texas game.  

There you have it. See? I told you that they’re still confident. It should be a fun game.

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