Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Morning Six Pack: August 20, 2013 and 11 days until kickass

https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEgurXjqRt5kCzsnCVCTjZ7Gyyp9WivAe88qfqEe14epBFmfMtyzPfhGiCsGwL3-F6RXq4yTTVRR9O71PIMSERtsPOknHap3mVj7VhvNegAx3VAmXsdJTeYnrmsdx2-2gb6Y4EWQJ-ymSLo/s1600/msp.pngThe Tuesday edition of the Morning Six Pack brings a fresh new ring of six cool, clear college football stories from around SEC Country.

Can anyone in the SEC beat Alabama?

Chris Low and Edward Aschoff are split on the answer.

Unique event offers tips on how to throw the best football party in the world

Only one thing can improve on football Saturday in the South -- food.

Top freshman tailback switches to defense

Amid a growing list of injuries to the Auburn defense, one of the top performing freshmen on the team volunteered to help in any way he could.

College football countdown | No. 17: LSU

LSU has to solve its continued issues on the offensive side of the ball.

Vols linemen want to walk out winners

When Tennessee offensive line coach Don Mahoney entered his unit’s meeting room last December, he felt like the newest member of an old club.


“Some of the best defensive coordinators have been at places a pretty long time, so I don’t think that’s abnormal,” Saban said of Smart’s longevity. “Kirby has done a fantastic job here. The way we played defense the last five years is proof in the pudding. Those things don’t happen by accident. They happen for a reason.”

Smart not only knows his Xs and Os, he knows how to teach players what it takes to play a certain position.

He works with the inside linebackers for the Crimson Tide, but coached defensive backs and running backs in his career.

“He has the leadership and development of players being able to implement the system when the game comes to prepare the players to execute the plan to be successful,” Saban said. “Those things are examples of what an outstanding coach can do, and Kirby has certainly done that and proven he can do it. I think his energy and enthusiasm has always been at a high level, and he’s been able to sustain that with the players.”

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