Thursday, May 9, 2013

Morning Six Pack: May 9, 2013

A moribund offseason continues (knocking wood). But we can always find something to build a morning six pack with, eh?

The six most irritating chants in sports

These stadium staples should probably be silenced for a little while.

Auburn commit Tre Williams says Alabama's depth at LB not a factor in decision

"A lot of people say that Bama has a lot of linebackers, but I really don't look at (it like that) because either way I have to work hard for my spot."

New Mexico State’s starting QB to transfer

Shortly following the end of his first spring practice, New Mexico State’s new head coach has abruptly found himself without the Aggies’ starting quarterback in 2012…

2013 college football TV schedule

Season kicks off Aug. 29 with North Carolina at South Carolina on ESPN

O'Brien not expecting more Penn State transfers

Penn State has 67 scholarship players on its football roster and coach Bill O'Brien sees no reason why that will change significantly by the time the season starts Aug. 31.


There is thought that strength of schedule will come into play when the selection committee picks the final four teams. Muschamp said that Florida's non-conference schedule is set for the “next three or four seasons” but could change if the SEC elects to expand from an eight-game schedule to a nine-game schedule.

Muschamp said he doesn't agree with a selection committee picking the final four teams for the College Football Playoff. He's concerned about personal biases coming into play, and would rather see a computer ranking format similar to the BCS.

“We've navigated ourselves through a lot of situations with that,” Muschamp said. “What's wrong with continuing to do that and take the top four?”

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