Thursday, April 4, 2013

Morning Six Pack: April 4, 2013

JailAubieThis is the Schadenfreude installment of the Morning Six Pack. LOL, Auburn.

Auburn’s Tainted Title

Victims, Violations and Vendettas for Glory.

Q&A: Reporter Selena Roberts defends, stands by report Auburn committed NCAA violations

Selena Roberts, a 1988 Auburn graduate, once served as the sports editor for the school newspaper, the Auburn Plainsman. On Wednesday, she published a report that links the Auburn football program to multiple NCAA violations during its run to a national title in 2010. Some players she quotes in the report have since denied the allegations to

Report: Ex-Auburn player alleges major violations

Ex-Tigers player Mike McNeil is reportedly alleging that major violations occurred while at Auburn under then-coaches Gene Chizik and Will Muschamp.

Auburn paid players, changed grades during championship season

Cam Newton now linked to another scandal.

New Auburn Report Raises Many Questions, Answers Few

The big exposé yesterday about Mike McNeil and the Auburn football program raises lots of questions. Where did this come from? One of the first things you probably thought when you first clicked the story link is: huh?


"I accept responsibility for what happened on my watch and remain a believer in a strong enforcement program," Lach wrote in her statement. "Following the August 2011 presidential retreat, the enforcement staff had a clear charge to be innovative and deliver significant cases, which we did. Lost in the important discussion of the Miami case is the reality that enforcement was overhauled inside (the investigative arm) and out (the penalties) from 2010-2012.

"One misstep should not unravel the good work that's already been done, and more importantly, remains to be done by a committed and ethical enforcement staff. Enforcement staff members have a tough but critical job and show up to work every day motivated to do the right thing. I'm proud to have been their colleague."

Less impressed with the NCAA's enforcement arm is the University of Miami, underscored by documents acquired Wednesday by "Outside the Lines." On March 29, the school sent to a member of the NCAA Division I committee on infractions a letter outlining Miami's rationale for its unprecedented request to dismiss the case before its scheduled hearing in June.

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