Friday, April 19, 2013

Morning Six Pack: April 19, 2013

TGIF and TG for six college football stories from around the country.

Tide practices with 'a lot more intensity' after returning from D.C. trip

Maybe it was the couple of days off. Maybe it was the trip to the White House. Whatever it was, Alabama has looked better in spring practice this week.

NBC and Notre Dame Extend Television Deal

NBC Sports Group announced a 10-year contract extension to televise Notre Dame games, doubling the length of its previous agreement.

Marlin Lane's status leaves Vols thin at RB

Add running back to the growing list of skill-position concerns for Tennessee as it approaches the end of spring practice.

Miles stacks White team with first teamers for LSU spring game: notebook

There is a decided experience advantage on the White team, which is largely first team players.

Injuries putting a crimp in UCLA football's practice style

Sessions have been scaled back to allow for sidelined players. 'It's hard because you've got to get the work in,' Coach Jim Mora says.The numbers game is tilting against UCLA during spring football practice.


Meanwhile, colleges continue the money-grab that is college realignment. I'm glad that these institutions of higher learning have taken all of the sports into account as they make their decisions. As long as people are making money, it shouldn't matter that a school like West Virginia spends its conference season traveling to Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma. With the money-maker that is women's soccer, that shouldn't be a prob .... Oh, I forgot, those programs don't exist when it comes to realignment.

As long as the football team's competitive, right? At all costs, even probation? You can look at the allegations towards Auburn's program a few years ago, but if they did break the rules, it worked, right? They got a national championship, and although you can take away banners and crystal balls, you can't take away pictures and memories. Advantage, Auburn.

Don't misinterpret my meaning. I'm not suggesting the Tigers cheated and don't care if they did. Let boosters do what they need to do to build a competitive program. As long as the football team's competitive, who cares how they got there?

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