Friday, March 29, 2013

Morning Six Pack: March 29, 2013

Happy Good Friday to all, and to all these six college football stories from around the country.

Tackle John Theus back on field for Bulldogs

Georgia practiced Thursday for two hours in full pads, and joining the Bulldogs for the first time this spring was sophomore right tackle John Theus.

Future bright at Buck with Powell, Fowler

Ronald Powell and Dante Fowler will contend for the starting Buck linebacker position in the fall.

University in Louisiana finds 137 ineligible athletes competed

The university says it will impose penalties such as reducing scholarships, vacating victories and imposing a two-year probationary period on itself while awaiting the NCAA's review of the case.

Vols emphasis still to be basics

When Tennessee's football team returns from spring break next week, the Volunteers will get back to work.

Just… eww.

A former media director for Syracuse University's athletics department has admitted secretly videotaping football players and other male athletes in locker rooms.


But the NCAA has to press on, for two reasons. First is that it does not appear that the NCAA has the authority at this point to dismiss the case. That could come after Miami files its response, which is almost certainly being delayed by Miami’s “motion to dismiss” the case. Given this case’s history, the NCAA needs to follow the exact letter of its rules, which say the next opportunity to end this is by the enforcement staff withdrawing its allegations after Miami submits its response.

Second is that the NCAA is in between a rock and a hard place. Carry on with the case, and Miami is likely to sue them. Drop the case, and Miami is likely to sue them. The former is obvious why Miami would turn to litigation. The latter would be because Miami was essentially tricked by the NCAA into self-imposing two postseason bans and limiting its scholarships on the basis of information the NCAA should not have had.

Getting sued is now a fait accompli for the NCAA.


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