Sunday, March 10, 2013

Morning Six Pack: March 10, 2013

Springing forward hurts, y’all. But these six college football stories makes it all feel better.

Gators Spring Preview: Special Teams

If there was one position Gators coach Will Muschamp lost little sleep over in his first two seasons, it was kicker.

Eddie Lacy to miss Alabama's pro day

Eddie Lacy will skip Alabama's pro day Wednesday according to a sourced report by

South Alabama's offense making progress this spring

Coordinator Robert Matthews said there is more depth, better understanding of scheme this spring.

Jay Jacobs makes more than Mal Moore? That's rich

The salaries of the Auburn and Alabama ADs aren't that different, but the results of their departments are.

Straight cash, homie.

When talk turns to insurance policies or trademark infringement lawsuits involving the Heisman Trophy winner nicknamed Johnny Football, debate inevitably ensues about the fairness of NCAA amateurism rules that prevent college sports stars from cashing in on their fame. But putting aside those arguments for a moment leaves a simple question: Just how many dollars is a player like the Texas A&M quarterback missing out on?


The building block for his current job? Football.

"Football was a big part in my life and the things I was taught in football I still use today in what I'm doing now and in business,'' Stephenson said during a break in the Ken Stabler Celebrity golf tournament at the Grand Hotel's Lakewood Golf Club. "It just helped me in my approach to life. Again, I was just fortunate. God blessed me. I was fortunate too to be surrounded by some great people. I came into a great system here at the University of Alabama and played for coach Paul 'Bear' Bryant and played with some great teammates.

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