Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Morning Six Pack: January 29, 2013

Six bitter, sweet yet heady college football stories from around the country.

Countdown to Signing Day: How did Alabama's drafted players under Nick Saban rank as recruits?

Of the 27 Alabama players drafted since 2007, 16 were ranked 3-stars or lower as recruits by either Rivals.com or Scout.com.

BYU, Hawaii cancel football series in 2013, '14

Hawaii and BYU have canceled two previously scheduled football games because the Warriors need to make room on their schedule for a possible Mountain West Conference championship game.

Artist Daniel A. Moore says he's never been busier commemorating Alabama football games

"Death Valley Drive" is finished. Now he must complete an AJ McCarron painting for charity. Then it's on to BCS and SEC championship game paintings, plus one of Johnny Manziel leading Texas A&M past the Crimson Tide.


FIU player tweets about taking recruit to strip club.

Powell Named to College Sporting News Fabulous Fifty FCS All-America Team

Murray State wide receiver/kick returner Walter Powell received another national honor on Monday when he was selected to the College Sporting News Fabulous Fifty FCS All-America Team as an all-purpose back. 


Bowlsby described the meeting as a free-flowing opportunity to interject a lot of ideas, and said the interactive nature by everyone in the room was probably indicative of the interest in the topic.

"I think that it's possible to make a considered decision to stay at the most favorable structure and that's where we have been," Bowlsby said. "But having said that, I don't think we ever want to be in a position of being un-nimble, and by that I mean it's a changing environment and we have to be prepared to respond to that changing environment, and this meeting is certainly going to help us do that."

Bowlsby said there is evidence that dictates the league stay at 10 schools, and other that suggests getting bigger.

"We have evidence on both sides of it," he said. "But I don't know that any of it is compelling enough to cause change right now."

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