Saturday, January 19, 2013

Morning Six Pack: January 19, 2013

On this no-football Saturday, start drowning sorrows early with these six college football stories from around the country.

National champs to celebrate in parade

The University of Alabama will host a parade today to honor its national championship football team.

Florida suspends O-lineman Jessamen Dunker

Following up briefly on a story that’s been going on the past couple of days, Florida has announced that redshirt freshman offensive lineman Jessamen Dunker has been suspended indefinitely.

New Vols assistant Steve Stripling 'prepared'

For nearly three decades, Steve Stripling coached defensive lines and linebackers at football programs across the Midwest.

NCAA Rules Working Group's Phase II to be more complex

As Phase I of rules reform nears a close, an NCAA working group turns to more complex issues.

Beamer shakes up Hokies offensive coaching staff

Beamer announced Friday that he's hired former Auburn offensive coordinator Scot Loeffler to lead Virginia Tech's offense, former Stanford wide receivers coach Aaron Moorehead to take over the Hokies' wideouts, and another Auburn assistant, Jeff Grimes, to coach the offensive line. Grimes was Auburn's O-line coach.


This Tuiasosopo guy's a bad dude. He most definitely did this (along with one other man and woman, Te'o said). It's about the only conclusive detail in the whole saga.

"Te'o adamantly denies having anything to do with this," said Schaap. "... if he's making up his side of the story, he's a very convincing actor."

And yet, many will remain resolute that Te'o was a conspirator. Or that he milked the fake tragedy to gain sympathy and publicity. Or that he should have come clean a lot sooner. And that's because there's nothing about this interview that would sway a skeptical jury.

If Te'o truly wants to clear the air, he needs to sit down in front of a camera. He needs to show emotion, and he needs to show remorse. Te'o may consider himself the wronged party, but many of his fans and followers still feel betrayed. He needs to apologize for his part in embellishing and perpetuating the myth of Lennay. That will require swapping the word "tailor" with "lie," which is what he did.

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