Sunday, January 13, 2013

Morning Six Pack: January 13, 2013

The Sunday Morning Six Pack always goes a little better with a late brunch, so here are your six college football stories from around the country to spread on your muffin.

In honor of the father of Manti Te’o

Brian Te’o or somebody claiming to be him has posted on the “Manti Te’o ‘Official’ Fan Club” page on Facebook, asking for a boycot of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

Departing Alabama starters offer predictions (sort of) for who will replace them in 2013

Though they were reluctant to name names, the now-former Alabama players say the Crimson Tide will be in good hands with whomever replaces them.

New SEC coaches play catch-up in recruiting

The Southeastern Conference football programs with new head coaches have been easy to spot in the league recruiting rankings this winter. They're toward the bottom.

Stoops completes first Kentucky staff

Nearly two months after landing his first head-coaching job at the FBS level, Mark Stoops has put the finishing touches on his first Kentucky coaching staff.

Why Les Miles likes that LSU players leave early for NFL

LSU has 10 players declaring early for the NFL draft, not counting Tyrann Mathieu. Les Miles is fine with that, even if it costs him stars such as Barkevious Mingo, Chris Faulk and Kevin Minter.


Nick Saban leaving would have been logical, since it'll be hard to match what he's done with the Crimson Tide, and it is often a smart time to go when nearly all roads lead downhill. A chance at atonement would await him in pro football, but if he means what he says, that he feels too comfortable in college to leave, then good for him. The past is filled with NFL washouts who should have made the same decision.

Chip Kelly leaving would have made some sense, too. Who knows how long Oregon can keep putting up 45 points every week, and even that hasn't been enough? And there's also the NCAA posse that might be coming to town.

But they stayed, as did Penn State's Bill O'Brien, and if there is a thread running through the college football offseason already, it is how often that NFL wooing has been rejected – and the higher college salaries to show for it.

Now add Brian Kelly, who has the best reason of anyone to stay. He is football coach at Notre Dame, and after three years that is still a blessing. He has not been there long enough yet for it to become a curse.

He still has time to join Rockne and Parseghian and Holtz. What coach who ever lived would give up that chance lightly? One day, he'll probably say yes. This was time to say no.

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