Thursday, November 1, 2012

Stephen Orr Spurrier, you silly old troll

image This is the obligatory “Alabama could compete in the NFL” post.

By now, you’ve heard that the Ol’ Ball Coach said he thinks Alabama could beat some teams that play on Sunday.

Anyone who seriously believes that nonsense doesn’t understand the game of football. At. All.

Put Alabama on the field against the worst team in recent NFL history and Alabama would be destroyed. The Crimson Tide has about 10-12 legitimate candidates to play in the NFL next season. Every NFL team has a 53-man roster that was hand-picked from the best of the best in college football.

What Steve Spurrier is doing is trying to troll and distract Nick Saban. He knows it. Nick Saban knows it. Knowledgeable fans of the greatest sport on earth know it. Yet the media is yak-yak-yak, with stories blasted all over the interwebs and sports talk radio hosts asking callers what they think.

Here’s a good analogy. Take the worst FBS school in the country and put them on the field against the best NAIA college team. The score would be 432 to 3, and that’s only if the FBS water boy fumbles a punt on his own 20 and the NAIA kicker is feeling his Wheaties.

If the Kansas City Chiefs were to travel to Bryant-Denny to play Alabama and the spread was KC –30, I’d take the Chiefs and lay the points all day, every day and twice on Sunday.

Please stop this Alabama vs NFL nonsense.

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