Saturday, November 3, 2012

Morning Six Pack: November 3, 2012’s Gameday and that whole drinking before noon thing goes out the door as soon as the coals are lit, and you read these six college football stories from around the country.

Gary Campbell Keeps Coaching Oregon’s Running Backs

While other college assistant coaches tend to move around to new jobs, Gary Campbell has stayed at Oregon for three decades, in part because of his son.

NCAA puts new restrictions on transfer guidelines

The NCAA is putting a restriction on athletes who want to play immediately after changing schools to be closer to an ailing or injured family member.

Kiffin takes 'a lot' of blame for USC's two losses

USC coach Lane Kiffin feels he is largely responsible for his Trojans' unexpected 6-2 start to the 2012 season.  Unexpected? He’s got a one-deep team.

Vols’ Bonner the lone suspect in theft of student’s phone

In April of last year, Deion Bonner was one of three high school students — two of them football recruits — charged with stealing iPhones and iPods from the University of Georgia football locker room during an open-house event.

Embattled Auburn focused on getting a win behind Jonathan Wallace

"It's not tough for me," senior receiver Emory Blake said. "As the season goes on, your goals change. Now it's just worrying about each opponent each and every week and getting that win."


“All I tell them is, ‘I knew that in the beginning,’ ” Campbell said. “My house is seven minutes from here, and I’m not leaving. If I wanted to, I could walk home for lunch.”

Campbell said this in his office, surrounded by his life’s work: hundreds of photos of backs who went to the N.F.L. and backs who became coaches and teachers and doctors, who had families and scattered across the country and never forgot their coach. At 61, he looks closer to 41, dresses more like 31 and sometimes acts like 21.

His players tease him all the time, about the late-night radio voice (“Coach G. C. Smooth, coming to you live”); about the sound system in his car; about all the jewelry, the gaudy ring and the diamond-studded watch.

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