Monday, October 1, 2012

Non-sports: Univision’s expose’ of Fast and Furious is an unmitigated disaster for the Obama administration

Mash here. Operation Fast and Furious is a scandal that US media outlets have largely ignored. Outside of the LA Times and one CBS reporter, no one has really focused on the plan to allow thousands of high-end weapons to cross the border between the US and Mexico, ostensibly to track the weapons and catch Mexican drug cartel members.

The plan was an unmitigated disaster and to date, possibly thousands of Mexicans have died in hails of gunfire that came from US made weapons. Democrat talking heads and their major media mouthpieces have tried to claim that this was a program begun under the Bush administration, but Univision completely destroys that meme in an investigative piece that aired last night.

According to documents they obtained from their own sources, Univision says that the Obama Administration lost nearly and order of magnitude more weapons than the Bush-era pilot project initially tried to track.

Here is an ABC News segment from Univision’s bombshell last night, with English subtitles.
Video removed due to scripting errors from the host
So, why is this such a program for the Obama Administration?

Simply put, Mexicans are scared witless of the drug cartels, who are better funded, better armed and better trained than the Mexican Federales. The notion that the US Government would allow thousands of weapons to fall into the hands of these thugs is appalling and infuriating to Mexicans and Mexican-Americans living in the US.

Obama is thought to to have a lead pipe lock on the Hispanic vote. Maybe he still wins a majority of them, but those who have lost family, friends and former neighbors to the violence in Mexico are legitimately outraged.

Would you vote to reelect an incumbent whose actions let your friends and countrymen die in gruesome massacres like the one shown above? Blood in the streets is always a problem for an incumbent. This incumbent has a big one, and the largest Spanish language network on the planet just exposed it.

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