Monday, October 1, 2012

Morning Six Pack: October 1, 2012 me good beer and a good woman, and I will win a National Championship! Or maybe just six college football stories from around the country.

Meet Geno Smith, star of college football's first month

It's high time fans across the country got to know the breakout star of college football's first month.

UAB fans guilty of non-support at first C-USA game of Garrick McGee era

Announced crowd was 13,196 in Legion Field.

Tide defense gets a trial run: Squad gets taste of no-huddle offense

No. 1 Alabama polished off Ole Miss 33-14 on Saturday night, but ultimately, that game could mean more than an ordinary win over a team the Tide usually beats.

West Virginia students make anti-couch burning video

The West Virginia student government made an anti-couch burning PSA. No, really.

Gundy still questions Texas TD

After taking another look at the replays, Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy still has questions about Texas running back Joe Bergeron's winning touchdown in the teams' Big 12 opener.


Unlike last season, Florida has not blinked in the second half and fourth quarter. The Gators have outscored opponents 34-0 in the final period, including a 10-0 run at Tennessee in a 37-20 victory after trailing 14-10 at the half and a 7-0 run in a 20-17 win at Texas A&M after trailing 17-10 at the half.

"I think we're a stronger football team," said Muschamp, who last year became the first Florida coach since Galen Hall in 1987 to lose six games. "We're a more physical bunch because we've been able to practice a little differently than we were a year ago because of our depth. We're a much more mature team than we were. We inherited a young, talented team, but most of those guys were playing for the first time through a full year in the SEC. And over 70% of our roster was freshmen and sophomores last year. This year we have experience and depth on both lines of scrimmage."

Sounds like Florida is ready. Is LSU?

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