Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Morning Six Pack: October 30, 2012

http://lh6.ggpht.com/-bplRHS6qLtE/T_OHqP-CAtI/AAAAAAAADp4/YdD75tuAcHM/image_thumb%25255B2%25255D.png?imgmax=800Nothing like a cool, refreshing six pack of college football stories to take your mind off of storms and ghouls and energy vampires and whatnot.

NCAA investigating Auburn again, says… Danny Sheridan.

Pulled two assistant coaches off of the recruiting trail in an effort to placate the league.

Rebuilt Boise State Threatening to Bust BCS Again

Coach Chris Petersen's Broncos are quietly piling up victories with a team that underwent a major reconstruction.

On offense and defense, Alabama doing better than LSU in the red zone this season

It was a different story through seven games a year ago.

Indiana wins first Big Ten game since 2010

Indiana beat Illinois to snap a very, very long losing streak in the Big Ten and against FBS competition.

Purdue AD issues statement on football program

Purdue athletic director Morgan Burke is looking for a strong finish after the school's football team got off to a disappointing start.


Injuries have forced Phillips to play 26 freshmen against one of the nation's toughest schedules. That hasn't stopped Wildcats fans from expressing their frustration: Calling for his dismissal on radio talk shows and not showing up for games - attendance has fallen off at 67,942-seat Commonwealth Stadium.

Players say they still support Phillips and will try to finish the season with three wins to help the embattled coach.

''He's still here, he's still our coach, we're still playing for him and I'm going to play hard for him,'' junior right tackle Kevin Mitchell said.

''We don't actually say anything to him (about his situation), but we come out and we practice hard. We're keeping it going, we just continue as a team. We're all pushing each other hard. Practicing hard shows him that we still care, that we still believe and that we're not giving up.''

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