Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy blowing up college football, too

image Our thoughts and prayers are with those suffering the effects of Hurricane Sandy, which slammed the East Coast last night, knocking out power to millions, killing 17 people and destroying homes and businesses in one of the country’s most populous regions.

Here on the Gulf Coast, we’re familiar with the sense of shock and numbness that comes in the immediate aftermath of a major storm event, so we really do feel for you guys and we hope you bounce back quickly.

Getting back to a normal routine will take time, but one of the most comforting ways of doing so is getting your mind off the damage and on something much more enjoyable.

Dr. Saturday’s run-down of explains which college football teams are most likely to be affected by the storm’s impacts. While there aren’t yet indications of games being postponed, several teams will have practices and game prep disrupted, including UConn, Navy, Maryland and West Virginia. WVU was subjected to horrific blizzard conditions during the storm and may take a while to dig out.

If it’s at all possible—if roads are safe to drive on and facilities are safe to hold thousands of fans looking for a change of mood and spirit—the games should be played Saturday. Safety of players, families and fans is paramount, of course. But showing resiliency in the face of adversity is an American trait, and a competitive spirit even when the odds are against you is one of the things that makes college football great.

And what could be more therapeutic than a nice slate of football games this weekend? If it’s safe and feasible to do so, play on!

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