Thursday, September 13, 2012

I Bleed Crimson Red Lives!

image No, I Bleed Crimson Red has not fallen victim to that yahoo at NTYF. It’s much more complicated.

Here’s a brief timeline of events that led to the site appearing offline since the Godaddy hack on Monday.

Sunday night, Google saw what was coming at GoDaddy and disabled custom domain mapping for sites switching from their blogspot domain to custom domains.

On Monday, the hacker group Anonymous successfully crashed GoDaddy’s domain name service, causing millions of sites to go offline.

I decided to temporarily revert back to the domain, thinking that as soon as Godaddy restored domain name service, I could switch back again to However, Google decided to make sweeping changes to their custom domain mapping system to prevent future outages and as of today, still hasn’t enabled custom mapping.

So, IBCR is kind of stuck in a no-man’s land. still produces a 404 error and can’t redirect you here and unless you already had the URL in your bookmarks, you didn’t know we were still publishing here.

Google says they’re working on it.


In the meantime, feel free to change your bookmarks to reflect the blogspot domain. When Google finally restores service, I will switch back to the custom domain I purchased almost three years ago. When I do, I will insure that the site redirects the blogspot URL to IBCR, so you won’t have to edit your bookmarks again.

This issue also comes at a very unfortunate time. This week, I had hoped to launch a new, broader interest website with a focus on southern sports and southern culture. Most of the site design was complete and I was already publishing content prior to launch. Then, this all happened.

As soon as things get back to normal (and they will), I’ll update you on the progress here and complete the rollout of the new website. Stay tuned, Sports fans! Good things and good times are right around the corner.

Owner, editor, publisher and chief bottle washer,


ColorOfGrey said...

I was a little nervous it was something worse. Can you switch domain hosts? I used to use godaddy but switched to namecheap (I think) per the advice from my web designer. Now I'm compelled to thank him since I literally am just opening a new art studio and the timing would have been awful.
Really glad you're (kinda) back though. I'll keep getting 404 errors daily checking on IBCR, best of luck mate!

ColorOfGrey said...

Also, one of the new ads on the site is for Auburn gear? And it links here;


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