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ESPN tool Stephen A. Smith says you are RACIST for criticizing Cam Newton

image Ace has a much deeper analysis of this idiot’s comments. Go check it out.

At issue is the cartoon seen at right, which appeared in the Charlotte Observer after Panthers QB Cam Newton’s interception machine game against the Giants.

Steve Smith—veteran receiver and team captain—took Newton to task not for his performance, but for his demeanor on the bench.

As Ace notes, this is not the first time teammates have been irked by Newton’s behavior during bad outings. Last season he covered his head with a towel and sat on the bench, frowning refusing to even acknowledge his teammates efforts on the field.

After the season he admitted that he “hadn’t been a good teammate.”

So what is ESPN tool Stephen A. Smith so upset about?

Ace explains:

Actually, he doesn't think it's racism. He's certain of it. He feels it in his bones. And he's angry at white people who attempt to "define" racism for African-Americans. See, only African-Americans can define racism, and they are (or at least one is) defining racism as a Hello Kitty t-shirt cartoon about a black quarterback who has previously been yelled at for mopery by his teammates and has just been taken to task about it by his veteran team-captain black all-time-all-star receiver.

It becomes racism the moment a White Person notices, especially in the South (which is 75% of Steven A. Smith's argument).

Steve Smith (the receiver) can notice that Newton is relapsing into his bad old sulky mopery ways, but you're not allowed to. Because agreeing with Steve Smith, who is black, would be racist, if you're White.

He's permitted to comment, you are not. He has that right based on skin color; your skin color, on the other hand, strips you of that right.

Who's the racist here, again?

If you can stomach Smith’s diatribe, here’s the video.

“It reeks of something a little more than football.”

Indeed it does, Smith. It reeks of hypocrisy and elitism among certain members of the black community who cheerfully employ a shameless double standard. If you can take it, wait until you get to the part where he disparages southerners.

He’s obviously never been to Charlotte, NC. It’s one of the most liberal and cosmopolitan metro areas in the Old South. We’ve come a long way in this part of the world. All the racists are up north. In places like Bristol, CT.

Here’s a smackdown of reality for you, Mr. Smith. The truth is not racist. Facts are not racist. The stats are not racist and neither is the scoreboard. Telling the truth by citing facts, relating the stats and pointing to the scoreboard doesn’t make anyone racist.

And mocking someone for not performing up to the standards expected of an overall top draft pick doesn’t, either.

UPDATE: Is it racist to point out that Stephen A. Smith found an article about him in The Onion, then went on a Twitter rant thinking it was real?

Stephen A. Smith Thought An Article About Him In The Onion Was Real 2012-09-27 15-15-15

UDATE II: Brilliant and insightful Comment from ColorofGrey in the comment section. Please read.

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ColorOfGrey said...

I live near Charlotte, I visit there a lot.

First, the Carolina Panthers aren't relevant. You have to make the playoffs first.

Second, I agree, he's never been to Charlotte. It's in North Caronlina, not that you would know that from the way the team is named, but that's a personal gripe from someone who is aware SOUTH Carolina will never have a pro team in any sport.

I hate the race card. But he's saying you can't make racist comments. The problem is the cartoon isn't racist. If it bothers you, you're weak.

And that's what bugs me the most.

There ARE racists out there. That's the problem. There are people who DO hate people because they're white, or because they're black, or jewish, or chinese. When you use the race card on garbage like this, it makes the real problem less credible, not more. It's like saying you're allergic to dairy and it's ok to eat ice cream everyday but not cheese.

When you call cartoonists making fun of a quarterback WHO HAPPENS TO BE BLACK (there is nothing racist about the cartoon itself), you make the real racist issues look just as trivial instead of more important.

I don't think people should believe it's ok for Cam Newton to put a towel on his head and not listen to his coaches and mentors or be a leader for his team is ok SIMPLY because he's black---that is racist, not the other way around. If he was white and everyone was pissed he didn't want to be great, it's ok?

But my white and half-white friends can't expect more from a quarterback BECAUSE he's black?!

I don't know what it's like to be white, but I don't think it matters. The bottom line is the cartoon isn't racist, and if you think it is, that means you haven't seen racism and you're way too sensitive about a guy who gets paid way too much to not make the playoffs and be selfish. Pathetic. The South is better than that.

Amin said...

You didn't listen to everything SAS said. Either that or you did and you're misrepresenting it.

SAS didn't say it was definitely racist. He said it made him uncomfortable, that it might be racist, that it was insensitive, and that non-black people don't get to decide what should make black people uncomfortable.

SAS is actually very reluctant to cite race issues, racism, etc. Many times he takes the opposite stance - that people are being too careless about citing race.

There is no doubt that black quarterbacks have had it bad in the NFL. There is a long history of racism. There is no doubt that they depicted Cam Newton in white skin in this cartoon. It is understandable that a black person would be uncomfortable seeing that cartoon, whether it is racist or not.

David L. said...

The issue is who can criticize. White boys play poorly, get the what-for and get mocked. Black boys play poorly, get the what-for and get mocked. And that's racism?

Grow up.

Anonymous said...

If he ain't black, the guy in the editorial cartoon damn sure has one helluva tan.

Just sayin'.

P.S.-- Can you please come up with another freaking way for us to post. This is the 3RD damn time I've tried and I am so DAMN tired of reading "The characters you entered didn't match the word verification. Please try again."
You almost never get any commentS on this site and this is why.

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