Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Byron DeVinner Speaks

The man at the center of an ongoing recruiting investigation by the NCAA wants to get a few things off of his chest.

Frankly, I know some people who know this guy, and they tell me that if there’s a more honest man in the 7v7 game, they haven’t met him.

From other sources, it appears that Mr. DeVinner still has a lot more to tell.

Here ya go.

I started this last night, and told Paul to remove it because I thought people would take jabs at me. I am not here to take jabs at anyone, but to clear the air of a lot of rumors that you have heard and most importantly clear my name with you good people.

The past year has been tough on me regarding the investigation at Mississippi State. I had planned to be at the game this past weekend with a recruit, but I was afraid the weather was going to be bad and it was a very early kick off.

I want to let each of you know that I had nothing to do with the investigation at State as far as any wrongdoings were concerned. I was the one that was about to get the bad deal. Yes I coach 7v7, but every 7v7 coach is not dirty. There will be a story that comes out really soon that will clear my name altogether.

I am not going to say the booster, player, or coach name, but most of you know who it is. Did I speak to the NCAA and cooperate with them yes. Some of you might call me a snitch, but that is far from what I am. The truth is the coach and the booster wanted me to take the fall to what had taken place. They wanted me to say that I introduced the player to the booster and I refused to do so.

When contacted by the NCAA and Miss State's compliance department I agreed to do the interview because I have nothing to hide. I have seen my name slandered across the internet the past nine months and it's sad.

One thing I will tell you is I have the best interest for every kid that I have a relationship with. One of my players "Dez Harris" from Birmingham is currently committed to Miss State now. He will be a great addition to Miss State. I respect everything that Coach Mullen is trying to do here. Coach Mullen along with the entire compliance department has welcomed me back to Starkville with open arms. I do plan on being in Starkville for the Tennessee game ringing someones cowbell.

If any of you would like to speak to me in private or have any questions or concerns, you are more than welcome to send me a private message because I am not one of them that hide behind screen names like some people. Paul, thanks for allowing me to come on your site and make my post. I have been waiting to get this off my chest for a minute! HAILSTATE!!!

DeVinner and several other individuals in the Memphis area are at the epicenter of an ongoing NCAA investigation into recruiting in eastern Tennessee. According to multiple media reports, several Southeastern Conference schools are alleged to be involved, with many major media outlets said to be looking into the case.

Included among those being investigated is Auburn 2012 signee Jovon Robinson, who allegedly had grades surreptitiously changed to make him eligible to play for the Tigers this season. Robinson was declared ineligible after the NCAA determined that the grade changes were improper.

At his weekly press conference, Auburn coach Gene Chizik refused to deny that there was an ongoing investigation into Robinson’s recruitment.

The Memphis Commercial-Appeal’s Geoff Calkins and Kyle Veazey have both confirmed that there is an active, vigorous and ongoing investigation into recruiting tactics in the Memphis area.

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