Tuesday, September 11, 2012

7-on-7 coach says player got money from booster

7-on-7 coach says Will Redmond received money from booster | Mississippi State sports
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A summertime 7-on-7 football coach in Nashville says he witnessed a booster give Mississippi State freshman defensive back Will Redmond money.

Byron De'Vinner, who has been interviewed by NCAA investigators, told the Head to Head radio show in Mississippi on Tuesday that he saw a "handshake" between the booster and Redmond and that former MSU receivers coach Angelo Mirando was aware of those benefits.

De'Vinner confirmed to The Clarion-Ledger on Tuesday afternoon that he called into the radio show, and added that the handshake between the booster and Redmond included about "$200." He declined to answer further questions.
The plot thickens.

The question has been asked: "Why is a Mississippi State player who took improper benefits still dressing and practicing with his team, while the Auburn player who seemingly had no input on a grade change was declared ineligible?"

The answer: Because the school and player who have suffered no eligibility issues are cooperating.


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