Wednesday, August 1, 2012

SBNation “fires” Track’em Tigers blog


Here’s the link.

Just a quick message to you all that I have been fired as an editor with Track Em Tigers. The firing was done by SBNation, and not one of our editors on the site.

I can not thank each of you enough for the support, and the kindness you have shown me. I remain a faithful Auburn fan, and I will miss you deeply. It is my hope to find some other venue to blog my passion about Auburn sports with each of you.

Thanks again,

KoolBell777 / Klell Lawrence

It looks like they’ll get to keep their domain and SBNation will entice attract some other Auburn blog to join. In exchange for completely changing the look and feel of your site, agree to publish content you’d never publish on your own and risk getting tossed aside as soon as the network owners decide to “move in a different direction,” you get a few thousand more hits/day.

This is why you’ll never see a network like SBNation hosting

No one governs the content here except your beloved Editor, Publisher and Chief Bottle Washer, and ask LivingCrimson and Krazy3—I grant almost total creative freedom to those who join me.

Good luck, TeT gang. I’m sure y’all will land somewhere and thrive.

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