Friday, August 3, 2012

Morning Six Pack: August 3, 2012

imageYour beloved lead blogger, publisher and chief bottle washer is COVERED UP with “day job” duties, but still managed to find these six college football stories from around the country.

Alabama begins official preparations for title defense today with 1st fall practice

Practice gets underway this morning at the Thomas-Drew Practice Facility.

The preseason poll is out! The preseason poll is out!


NCAA board deepens pool of bowl-eligible teams

With three teams already ineligible this year, waivers approved Thursday would allow additional avenues for teams to fill the 70 slots.

But can he fill out a four team playoff bracket?

That’s what we really want to know.

Postseason ban over, Sith Lord Darth Kiffin set for title run

USC's Matt Barkley thought about the NFL, but his decision to turn to the Dark Side for his senior season makes the Trojans national title contenders.


Of all the games Alabama has lost in the last 50 years, I have not seen one that generated more utter disbelief among Crimson Tide fans than the 1980 loss to Mississippi State in Jackson. At that time, such a loss seemed to violate universal laws. Water might as well have flowed uphill.
I am not quite sure Nick Saban faces quite such expectations today - he certainly does his best to defuse them with realism. But it is close.

The fact Alabama has won so consistently (45-6) over a four-year period makes that the case. There are essentially no players left from the 2008 team that posted an unbeaten regular season, except for a couple of redshirts. There are a few contributors left from the 2009 BCS winners, but not many. If you go back to 2008, Alabama is two quarterbacks removed (Wilson to McElroy to McCarron), two feature running backs removed and so forth. The constants has been coaching and recruiting. Especially coaching.

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