Thursday, August 2, 2012

Morning Six Pack: August 2, 2012

imageGoing for more gold? Yes. Here are six college football stories from around the country.

Who is your top college football team?

The college football coaches do all their talking at noon today. But that doesn't mean we haven't been yakking all summer.

Clemson coach says it's just another game

Last season, Clemson ended Auburn University's 17-game winning streak with a 38-24 victory. It was the first time Clemson beat AU since 1951.

How accountable should NCAA make head coaches for violations?

Head coaches could soon face suspensions due to actions of their staff members.

Northwestern WR Prater ruled eligible by NCAA

Northwestern says the NCAA has ruled receiver Kyle Prater eligible for this season after transferring from Southern California.

Red Wolves' Malzahn Discusses Details Of Michael Dyer Dismissal At Arkansas State

Arkansas State Coach Gus Malzahn met with media on Wednesday. He addressed the recent dismissal of running back Michael Dyer and the circumstances that led the Red Wolves to cut ties…


“The playing field is not and has never been and never will be level,” said James F. Barker, president of Clemson University and chair of the NCAA working group that came up with the proposed changes. “To say the NCAA should try to create a level playing field is impossible and is not a wise path to take.”

That shift worries some coaches and athletics officials.

“I do not know if the proverbial ‘level playing field’ can ever be had,” Bill Zack, head women’s rowing coach at the University of Portland and president of the Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association, wrote to the working group through an NCAA feedback form. “But I think it is problematic to outright acknowledge that it is OK to have institutional financial advantage.

“I think the NCAA needs to protect its own members from engaging in financial warfare,” he added.

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