Friday, August 17, 2012

Morning Six Pack: August 17, 2012

imageLiquid bread to satisfy your appetite for news… These six college football stories from around the country.

Mathieu in rehab, will not play football

Former LSU star Tyrann Mathieu has checked into a rehab center and will not attend a college or play football this season, Mathieu's father told WVUE-TV in New Orleans on Thursday night.

Once silent, Tide's Johnson emerges as strong, vocal force

Nico Johnson, shy? That's how Alabama coach Nick Saban describes the way Johnson was when he arrived as a freshman in 2009.

Another player leaving Penn State

Devon Smith, the wide receiver who put Joe Paterno in the hospital after a collision last summer, leaves Penn State for Marshall.

Michigan coach Brady Hoke aims at Big Ten title

Brady Hoke's leadership. Denard Robinson's talent. An improved defense and the first win in a BCS bowl since 2000.

Top 25 Greatest College Football Rivalries

Intense rivalries are one of the things that make college football worth watching each fall. Nothing can beat the excitement and passion poured into each rivalry game.


As much as anything, Derek Dooley's brand of folksy, self-deprecating humor has defined his term in Knoxville thus far. From Rommel to shower discipline, his Year Zero to a pair of bizarre and crushing last-second defeats in 2010, even calling in a kicker from the frat house, his struggles and misfortune are more notable than nearly anything else that has happened over the past two years.

That side of Dooley seems to have disappeared. He even cancelled last night's practice, remarking, "When Smokey's been hunting the way you want him to hunt, you throw that dog a bone." That quote comes after saying at SEC Media Days that his team could go four quarters with anyone in the league. As someone who's had to play both LSU and Alabama over the past two seasons plus Arkansas a year ago, he knows exactly what that means.

Is this some kind of coachspeak from Dooley with a hidden meaning? It's possible, but usually coaches get down on their teams in fall camp as a motivation ploy. You know, how many times have you heard a coach say he's worried about beating the Sun Belt sacrifice staring him down in Week 1? Dooley himself has gotten down on his team plenty of times, so this sunny speaking is a definite departure from his norm.

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