Monday, August 20, 2012

Colt McCoy still feels hit from Marcell Dareus

Colt McCoy still feels 2010 hit from Marcell Dareus
Published on The Daily Bama Blog | shared via feedly
Marcell Dareus' hit on Colt McCoy more than two years ago in the BCS National Championship Game is still affecting the former Texas quarterback.

Dareus slammed into McCoy in the first quarter of Alabama's 37-21 win over the Longhorns in January 2010. McCoy left the game with a severly pinched nerve in the shoulder and didn't return.

Now a third-year quarterback with the Cleveland Browns, McCoy recently told the Plain Dealer that his arm is feeling stronger than it has since he suffered the injury. He told the newspaper that orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews told him then that it could take years to heal completely.
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In other news, Texas fans are still whining that if McCoy had played the whole game, the Longhorns would have RUNNED ALABAMA OVER.



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