Friday, July 6, 2012

Robert Nkemdiche: Slick Negotiator

Robert Nkemdiche: Clemson is "done deal" if they offer another Grayson teammate | AJC College Sports Recruiting
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The No. 1 college football prospect in the nation says his commitment to Clemson is a "done deal" if the Tigers offer one more of his Grayson High School teammates, safety Ryan Carter. 

"I am waiting on Clemson to offer Ryan; when that happens, it's locked … it's a done deal … it's over," Robert Nkemdiche told the AJC.

Nkemdiche says the primary reason he picked Clemson over LSU and Alabama, among others, was because the Tigers already had commitments from his two his Grayson teammates, RB Wayne Gallman and DB David Kamara. Also, earlier this week, former Grayson QB Nick Schuessler decided to give up his football scholarship to Mississippi State to be a preferred walk-on at Clemson (Nkemdiche has lived with Schuessler's family at times). The only person missing in the Grayson-to-Clemson pipeline is Ryan Carter, according to Nkemdiche.
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Minority report: Nkemdiche is just negotiating from the only position of strength that he has in a relationship purposely designed by NCAA rules to limit prospects' power. Nkemdiche cannot ask for financial or other impermissible benefits for himself or his family. He can however, lobby for his current teammates and that's exactly what he appears to be doing.

The question is, how much of Nkemdiche's "asking price" is coach Dabo Swinney prepared to cough up, and how much of this circus does the Division I head coach put up with?

Another key question: What would Nick Saban put up with or, more importantly, what parts of the package deal were already offered, and declined?


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