Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Morning Six Pack: July 25, 2012

imageGetting over the hump is a lot easier when you start the day off with a six pack of college football stories from around the country.

We Must Change the Momentum of the ‘Dollar Culture’

“Punishing Penn State will not change the negatives of the athletic culture any more than punishing Enron changed the business culture. Overpaid coaches, overpaid executives, and everyone in such positions aren’t likely to allow a change in the culture that is making them richer than they could have imagined, and richer than is actually healthy for them.”

John L. Smith wants to leave Arkansas decision makers with “no choice”

“The way I look at it, the way our staff looks at it and hopefully the way this football team and program look at it is we’re going to give Jeff no other choice except to have to bring us back.”

Brown: Offensive balance key for Texas

Longhorns coach says team needs to make progress in passing game in order to rise in Big 12 and regain place among nation's elite teams.

I’m sensing a pattern in the Big 12…

Big 12 media days: Sooners will benefit from veterans on offense, Stoops says

With the decline of Oklahoma’s defense in the last few years, the Sooners have had to rely on their offense more than ever. That becomes much easier this year with the help of some veteran players.

The Air Raid Offense: History, Evolution, Weirdness – From Mumme to Leach to Franklin to Holgorsen and Beyond

The personal story of the rise and development of the Air Raid offense, the story of the men who developed and mastered it


The Southeastern Conference and the old Southwest Conference – basically the states of Texas and Oklahoma – were outlaw territory. Schools went on an off probation like workers changing shifts at a power plant. According to folklore, gossip and the NCAA Committee on Infractions, there were two kinds of programs in those leagues at those times: those that were caught cheating and those that hadn't been caught yet.

Today, the scofflaw geography has changed. The Big Ten can put on quite a perp walk, as can the Atlantic Coast Conference. Out in the Pac-12, Oregon may replace USC in the NCAA pokey. Before Syracuse exits the Big East for the ACC, it likely will have to face NCAA justice for failures of its drug-testing policy in regard to men's basketball. And we already know about Connecticut basketball.

It's suddenly a lot harder for one power league to claim moral superiority over another.

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