Sunday, July 1, 2012

Morning Six Pack: July 01, 2012

imageThe 27th level of compatibility is the ability to enjoy that last swallow, and these six college football stories from around the country.

Boise State officially notifies MWC it’s leaving for the Big East

Gone. Like yesterday.

Alabama QB AJ McCarron going through the progressions, continues to develop on and off the field

Heading into his redshirt junior year, McCarron is at the front and center of Alabama's offense.

Charitable contributions

Former Fiesta Bowl CEO John Junker finds something to do besides spending money and playing golf. Right…

James Wilder Jr. wants you to know that he was not drunk

I wasn't there. I didn’t do it.

Silly Season in Stillwater

A grinder is drug paraphernalia? Why the hell would any self-respecting head grind his bud?


An institution's responsibility in rules compliance includes "the actions of its staff members." The president is specifically mentioned. Victims have suffered. Those in power are culpable. Now it's time for the NCAA to do the right thing, to go to a place we never thought it would: Penalize an institution for gross moral misconduct. It would send the most important message in the NCAA's 107-year history.

Football can't be that important. Ever.

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