Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dear college football programs: Stop screwing up classic uniforms

image And, another classic college football uniform is ruined by a college football program that cares more about buzz than tradition.

What you see on the right is an abomination.

The classic white helmet with the block “N” is gone.

The black “N” on the front of the jersey replaces the player’s number, which is reduced in size and moved to the left shoulder.

Gone also are the white pants, replaced with the same color red as the jersey.

How… cosmopolitan. How… European.

Oregon and Maryland have taken uniform atrocity to a totally different level but neither of those programs were known for winning championships while holding onto their cherished traditions, anyway.

I can tell you this: If the University of Alabama ever committed such a crime against tradition, there would be torch and pitchfork parades emanating from every corner of the Heart of Dixie. There have been a few tweaks here and there over the years, including a houndstooth pinstriping and minor changes to gloves, shoes and socks. But the Crimson Tide suits up in pretty much the same uniform it did when Paul Bryant prowled and growled on the sideline at Bryant-Denny Stadium fifty some-odd years ago.

Over at, there is a running joke that whenever someone mentions uniform changes, the denizens of the board hijack the thread with demands for crimson pants and white helmets.

Of course, no one really wants such a shameful change and no one believes it’ll ever take place.

But if it does, there will be Hell to Pay.

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Unknown said...

It looks like a guy helping to spell out Nebraska across frat boy chests in the student section hopped he barricade and tried to storm the field.

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