Saturday, July 28, 2012

Morning Six Pack: July 28, 2012

imageQuick, get out there and get these six college football stories from around the country before the popcorn showers run you out of the yard.

Alabama will open preseason camp one week from yesterday

The Crimson Tide will open its 2012 season 29 days later in the Cowboys Classic on Sept. 1 against Michigan.

Nebraska to wear alternate all red uniforms against Wisconsin

Why do they mess with this? Seriously.

What's in a name? For Wisconsin's tailback Ball, everything

For all of 2011, we thought a tailback named Montee Ball torched the Big Ten. Turns out, his real name is MonteƩ. His success suddenly makes so much more sense, says Andy Staples.

O'Brien optimistic NCAA could reconsider Penn State penalties

Good luck with that, y’all.

SMU players believe prostitute robbed apartment

According to a police report, the players left a woman in their apartment and returned to find more than $3,000 worth of items missing.  LOL LOL LOL


Sports fans love underdogs and right now there is no greater underdog program than Penn State in both image and working conditions.

Taking away $60 million alone would cripple most programs. Taking away 10 scholarships a year for four years at that level of competition is a huge blow. A four-year bowl ban and NCAA clearance for players to leave the program and be eligible immediately at their new schools are damaging.

For sure, Penn State must pay for the crimes related to the Jerry Sandusky atrocities. It can be argued whether the school received due process in the NCAA's unprecedented sanctions, but harsh penalties were required.

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