Thursday, June 28, 2012

Three Texas cities aiming at college football's new title game

Trio of Texas cities hoping to land college football's new title game - Houston Chronicle
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At each point of the Texas Triangle, efforts geared up Wednesday to attract college football's new national championship game to a state that cherishes the sport like no other.

Groups in Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio have expressed interest in entering the 12-year rotation for the title game that begins after the 2014 season, and bowl groups in all three cities also hope to land a spot in the six-city rotation that will host the two semifinal contests.

Officials in Dallas-Fort Worth, in fact, have formed a nonprofit entity — Stadium Events Organizing Committee, comprising the Cotton Bowl Athletic Association, Cowboys Stadium and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones — in an effort to compete for the games.
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What's interesting here is that two cities not normally known for major college football bowls--Houston and San Antonio--are gearing up to make a shot at what should be the second biggest football game after the Super Bowl.

What's also interesting is that while the Rose, Orange and Champions Bowl have been listed as venues for the upcoming playoff, the Sugar and Fiesta have not.

Those two bowls are known for two things--corruption and the most expensive mandates imposed on participating teams in terms of ticket commitments and accommodations. Monday's announcement sent a clear shot across the bows of those two bowls and the joint SEC/Big 12 announcement of a new relationship to match teams in a new bowl was another.


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