Thursday, June 28, 2012

Morning Six Pack: June 28, 2012

imageGod made beer a beautiful gold color for a reason. Enjoy these six college football stories from around the country responsibly.

Storied Notre Dame-Michigan series taking break

Won’t meet again until 2020?

Former Vols RB Oku signs with Arkansas State

Taking a page from the Tater Tot playbook, y’all.

What looks like a win for college football doesn't pass the smell test.

Something else that doesn’t pass the smell test—three of Fox Sports columnists hate the playoff idea. Wonder why…

College football is ruined.

We’re done here.

LSU Gives College Football Fans a Playoff

First off, you're welcome. There is no program that has done more to expose the BCS as the fraud that it is than LSU. 2003, 2007, 2011... those are the controversies that would eventually bring down a system.


[The playoff] merely gives you relative certitude. It’s not perfect — some clunker teams can be crowned, some historically great teams will get the relative shaft — but, before the season, during the season, and in the playoffs, everyone knows what it takes to be the champion: you must get into the playoffs, and you must win every game once you’re there. The Patriots couldn’t lobby for votes, they couldn’t say that they got jerked around, and they even couldn’t say that they didn’t get their chance. They played and they lost. They were probably better, they might only have had a bad day, but hey, you knew what you were getting into.

Which is really the issue here. No one has any idea what being “National Champion” ought to mean — especially in college football where you have over a hundred D-1 programs and no team can come close to playing all the others. A playoff would simply lay some ground rules people could follow. As it stands, without a playoff, everyone may mount their high horse and argue past each other.

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